Brilliant Prizes to Inspire Your Classroom

We are proud to announce available prizes for winning schools — made possible by our incredibly generous sponsors, Ward’s Science. The following bundles are grand prizes and will be presented to the overall top three scoring schools. In addition, certificates of distinction will be awarded to schools who place in the top three within their age-categories.

Sleuth Bundle

Forensic Curriculum Activity Sets

From examining skeletal remains to detecting minute traces of simulated blood with luminol, these two comprehensive activity sets are designed to revolutionise the teaching of forensic science in the classroom.

Sample contents: Sherlock Bones: The Identification of Skeletal Remains; Hair and Fibre Analysis; Ink Chromatography.

Poster Bundle

Multimedia Bundle

Library Bundle

Detective Bundle

Forensic Detective Lab Set

Empower students with insight and hands-on experience using this extensive kit, right at your fingertips. Several elements of a real-life forensic investigation are simulated with the resources provided inside.

Sample contents: blood typing and fingerprinting analyses for the classroom; FACES composite software.

Poster Bundle

Library Bundle

Gumshoe Bundle

Forensic Teacher’s Toolbox

Enjoy the convenience of a variety of teaching tools in a single package. Introduce and reinforce forensic science concepts year after year with this useful collection.

Sample contents: General Forensics Microscope Slide Set; Forensic Knowledge Cards.

Poster Bundle

Shipping Information and Disclaimer

Packages may vary in contents. The above description are provided as guidelines only. Prizes will be shipped directly by Ward’s Science to all US winners. Otherwise, prizes for international winners will be sent to Forensic Outreach offices to be distributed from the same. In the event that a product cannot be shipped to a winning school due to import/export regulations or any other restriction, Ward’s Science will offer product substitution to the school of equal value. Ward’s Science will handle freight charges for all prizes sent to schools or dispatched to Forensic Outreach offices. Forensic Outreach will handle freight for onward destinations.