We are constantly on the lookout for talented writers who have a background in the subjects we cover, are dependable contributors and have interesting stories to share. If you’d like to pitch us a story after reading the guidelines below, please contact our Content Manager here.


Introduction and Focus

Articles must relate to scientific topics, and all of them should have some relationship to forensic, crime or security science. This includes the history of investigating specific crimes or any topics related to crime fiction.

All blog posts/article submissions should follow a conversational, non‐technical format, designed to be read by a general, lay audience as well as students of science and forensic subjects. We’re looking for readability and captivating subjects.

We encourage writers to provide several specific details about a given, specialist topic at hand instead of providing a general introduction to an entire discipline or area. Examples of this style can be found on our website (e.g. 4 Ways to Determine Sex – When All You Have is a Skull – which introduces the reader to an aspect of forensic anthropology, rather than attempting to summarise all of forensic anthropology itself).


Specific Guidelines

Posts should be approximately 600-800 words in length, not including subheads. Subjects should be broken up into bite sized sections for easy skimming, and be compelling enough to make the reader want to stop and read more in‐depth.


Crediting Authors

We do not currently accept any sponsored posts but are happy to provide a short biography for each writer, which will follow underneath every article. Author biographies should be about 100 words in length. Every author should have a Gravatar – a head shot or some image that identifies him/her. You can register for and upload your Gravatar here. Please provide us with the same email address you used to register. This process will allow us to display your user picture next to your biography. We ask that all authors comply with this. Each article should have only one author.


Have we approved your pitch? Here are some tips!

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