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We’re making the material used in our famous workshops available to educators around the world.

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For over a decade, we've been delivering workshops to thousands of students across the UK, EU and the USA. Now, we're making our lesson plans and teaching resources available as downloadable bundles. Each bundle uses a specific forensic, crime or security science discipline to further STEM objectives in a high school or secondary school classroom (lessons are designed for ages 13+).

Fascinating Adventures in CSI

This workshop is a riveting introduction to the world of crime scene investigation. This short course covers the history of forensic science; crime scene investigation and processing; fundamentals of a criminal investigation, and a breadth of forensic techniques including fingerprinting, blood spatter, fibre analysis and beyond. This workshop covers topics in: biology, chemistry and physics.

This bundle will be available in April 2018

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Saws, Scalpels, Poisons, Potions: Forensic Pathology and Toxicology

How do forensic investigators unlock the secrets of the dead when they cannot speak for themselves? In this workshop, students will be introduced to gross anatomy; what pathologists seek when determining cause of death; and will learn how to perform their own postmortem examinations. Then, we move deeper – into the blood stream and beyond – as students discover the science of poisons and potions: from ancient concoctions of arsenic to more modern homicidal brews. This workshop covers topics in: biology and chemistry.

This bundle will be available on March 23, 2018

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What Remains: Forensic Anthropology, Entomology and Ecology

In this workshop, students will discover a new kind of skeleton key: forensic anthropology. With an in-depth understanding of the human skeletal system, students will begin to piece together the features and characteristics forensic anthropologists use to identify human remains. Students will also discover the crucial clues creepy crawlies (forensic entomology) and the environment (forensic ecology) can provide. This workshop covers topics in: biology and chemistry.

This bundle will be available on March 23, 2018

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Mission: Decipher Code Breakers

This workshop, created in partnership with a real-life FBI cryptanalyst, takes students on a whirlwind tour of the ins and outs of codebreaking and cryptanalysis. Students will be captivated by how this science has developed from the (now) shockingly simple methods of concealment from the past to the present's unbreakable computer codes. This workshop covers topics in: computer science and mathematics.

This bundle will be available on March 23, 2018

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The Remarkable Journey of a Speeding Bullet

Launch into flight and discover the incredible world of ballistics and firearms as students discover exactly what we can learn from these weapons. We're calling all budding physicists and mathematicians to put those skilled brains to the test as you use principles of these subjects in a way that you’ve never dreamed. This workshop covers topics in: physics and mathematics.

This bundle will be available on March 23, 2018

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What you'll receive

Lesson plan

This session introduction includes an overview of the session; how much time should be spent on each component; and a bibliography (e.g. recommended resources).

Full presentation

A full .pdf presentation, complete with compelling photographs and neat layouts, is designed to be administered in 20 minutes.

Presentation transcript

A roughly transcript 10-page transcript that provides all the material a layperson would require to deliver the workshop.

100 word vocabulary list

You'll receive a list of words – ranked as easy, medium and difficult – that pertain to key concepts presented during the workshop (and a few ideas as to how to use these!)

Equipment list

The equipment list provides a breakdown of all the material required to deliver the session
to a group of 30 students.

Resources for 5 x 15-minute practical sessions

Each of our bundles comes with all the resources required (i.e. handouts, answers) to deliver 4-5, 15 minute hands-on practical sessions.

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  • Presentation transcript
  • 100 word transcript
  • Equipment list
  • Resources for 5 x 15 minute practical sessions
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  • All lesson plans
  • All presentations
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  • All resources for every practical session
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