Who We Are

We specialise in the delivery of public engagement focusing on crime and security science.

Launched in 2014 as a private limited company, it previously existed as an educational organisation founded in 2001.

We unite the approach of a creative agency with the scientific rigour of a research laboratory.

A tightly-knit team, all with strong, post-graduate scientific backgrounds, form something of an idea-generating engine.

We have an ever-widening roster of distinguished scientific consultants who advise on service development.

These include, but are not limited to, experts from: The US Department of Defense; the FBI; and the UCL Jill Dando Institute.

What we’re doing

Redefining learning in the science classroom.

Our science programmes — including single workshops, summer schools, masterclasses and field days — have been delivered to hundreds of schools throughout the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States, with thousands of students (from primary or elementary to graduate-level) participating each year.

Pioneering novel approaches in public engagement.

We consult for major museums and city attractions to improve engagement with existing collections or upcoming, large-scale, temporary exhibitions. This may involve a review of the collection or exhibition in order to determine what approaches to effective public engagement are possible within the context.

What we believe

Wonder is an approach to learning.

Enrich environments — from classrooms to museums — and even create spectacles, so that people of all ages are offered compelling insight into the mysteries of the world around them.

Experiment wherever possible.

Engagement is only possible through experimentation. From interaction with our own collection to careful extraction and use of museum specimens, come immersive learning experiences.

Science is magic.

Imagination can help unravel its secrets. Through full-scale event production for museums and major attractions to the construction of a digital learning platform, science leaves the textbook and emerges as an adventure.

The story

Kimberlee Moran creates two CSI outreach projects for UCL's Widening Participation programme.
Forensic Outreach spins out of UCL. Moran founds sole proprietorship to deliver programmes.
Shivani Lamba recruited to deliver scheduled workshops and spearhead content development.
Moran departs. Forensic Outreach trading name formally registered to Shivani Lamba.
New workshops and titles are devised. First catalogue is published. Operations are expanded to the EU.
Forensic Outreach initiates online public engagement efforts. Library debuts.
Lamba incorporates Forensic Outreach after new projects receive significant commercial interest.
Daniella Afeltra recruited to head division as Programme Coordinator.